Driving Kassandra unplugged and tuned into Greece

The Sithonia Peninsula is the middle promontory of Halkidiki and seeking advertising online from an aerial view, the Kassandra Peninsula lies to the west as well as the Mount Athos Peninsula lies for the right of computer. The Sithonia Peninsula is encompassed by the Toroneos Gulf towards the west and the Singitic Gulf on the east.

The Alexandros Palace can be found just outside Ouranoupolis, among the many towns built-in the 1920s as a result of the traumatic exchange of Greek and Turkish populations that happened following your fall in the Ottoman Empire along with the merger of Macedonia into Greece. Once the site of an ancient village ‘ its 14th century tower fortress can be a landmark ‘ yet still the gateway to 7,000 ft. Mt. Athos, today Ouranoupolis can be a tourist and fisherman’s town.

The Alexandros Palace Hotel, within site of the autonomous and sacred Monastic State of Mt. Athos, is a self-contained 250-room resort village rising from its wide beach in the hill and spreading over 90 acres. Like most of Halkidiki’s resorts an all-inclusive meal plan includes extensive buffets in the morning and dinner and provides something for everybody from meat lovers towards the devoutly vegan. Yet true Greek cuisine shines in Halkidiki hotels a la carte restaurants for the people not desiring a buffet. For more specifics visit aliapalace.xyz.

Traveling in an easterly direction, the next stop is the graphic village of Arnaia having its traditional architecture and interesting Folklore Museum. The cultural association with the area works hard at keeping the area crafts and traditions alive and Arnaia is acknowledged for its colorful weaving and flokati rugs which is a treasure chest for souvenirs.

Continuing you are going to arrived at the village of Stagira, which can be documented to occupied since the 7th century BC and it is the birthplace of Aristotle, the traditional philosopher. A beautiful location, nestling inside the foothills of Mt.Stratoni which has a statue of Aristotle gazing out to the beautiful StrymonicGulf.