Maine Northwoods – Snowmobile Trail Grooming Upgrade

Simply returned from a-6 1/2 hour operate to the Ragged Path. Dressed up real fine for the very first run of the time. The brand new groomer worked flawlessly. Every one of the brand new controls that we suited to radios and it all operated like textbook. Wonderful views, possibly b/c the groomer does 7mph wide open. So slow-down and love!


Snowed about 10″ suddenly. Floating and floating makes it tough to discover just how significantly we obtained. We had a great strong foundation of frozen hard-packed snow under that therefore sledding is great. Nothing leading dressed yet, only a number of team trails to make navigating around a small easier. Lake ice is an obvious danger. Some slush together with the fat of the all the snow. Still some open places. Brought in a 1999 BR275 MP In addition to the day after Christmass. Fabricating a hitch now and going-over every nook and cranny of it. It’s in excellent condition but wants some updating. Appearances like we are a week from our first-run. A great deal of retro-fitting and welding from a ski slope device to some trail The PB240 headed right down to Abol Bridge to dress parts of ITS86 and it is tug is acquiring refit to the 240 from the 170. Away to some great beginning. Should have our path nailed down in a week. A lot of slicing in your community, and a great deal of hauling heading on before more snow hits.
We wound up with tons of large wet snow and still another  bunch of it nowadays. Everything is dressed up where having a superb ride and in excellent condition, judging by each of the grins around the trail, peoples. The Lobster Excursion trail was plowed up again and we invested 3 hrs putting the path back down on a bridegroom that should have taken an hour or less. We’re hooking up with the Pittston Farm Groomer in the north end-of the Burbank Road and also NE Carry Street in the Moosehead Loop. We’re dressing the right or left side of the Lobster Excursion Road together with the Land Mangers authorization.


We obtained 10″ of new snow in the past 48 hours. Add it to a good strong foundation of 1 8″ and we are off to great beginning because of this season. It was so deep at times, we couldn’t even see the sled wraps on our buddy’s new sled!
Plenty of snow and together with the lower nigh time temps the trails are setting up great. Off trail-riding is nearly as good as is gets. Now away trail has 18″ of hard-pack with 2′ of snow under, when snowed the other day is was damp and significant. Riders and also the Chesuncook Snowmobile Club started a brand new trail yesterday in the Ragged Lake Path to Small Lobster. Pleasant Ride, wonderful vistas of Spencer Mt. headed south and Lobster Lake headed north. The path is 10 miles long and winds through some lovely state. It’s signed and dressed so have pleasure!
Better late than never! Here is the fist start of the website so that as the description and title suggests we want your input to aid us do a much better job. The Nortwoods Path system contains all trails from Jackman east to Millinocket from Kokadjo north to Pittston Farm and Chesuncook. Please deliver your input signal additionally. 

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